Monday, December 30, 2013

Note to Self (& the Imagined Sir of my Imagined College Community)

Today is the BIG presentation that I've been working so hard for.
  • All the sub-editing, clarifying & vetting of info and polishing of contents? 
  • Checked. 
  • Chased after my group mates into wee hours for their slide contents? 
  • Checked.
  • Being answerable to the very conscientious group leader? 
  • Eh, checked..? *self-doubts
  • Being accused of 'why did you change my contents' by a particular mister, who sent me his part at 2-3am, when our presentation is due 10ish in the morning; and he was supposed to come in early to run his slides with us?
  • Double-checked.
  • Trial-running the presentation in the classroom last week for the fear of 'technical problems' as Sir has so kindly mentioned in the aftermath?
  • Triple-checked. 
  • Presented the final presentation?


Sir, I'm sorry that this is my 1st time encountering difficulties w/Keynote, failing to connect to the classroom system. As I've already presented 4 times this semester w/o a hitch, I'm truly baffled as to why it only fails me now. Also, not to mention that some of my dear group-mates did make an effort to come an hour and half early to practise. I shall sheepishly admit- I, only arrived a mere 45-minute earlier, hoping to preempt any problems. But alas, Mr Soon's (my high school DM) word is gold - 'On time is late, being early is on time.' Hence, my tardy 'early' is not early enough, as the classroom was used for the earliest class of the day. Unfortunately after the bell rang, it was still being occupied by the Prof. prior and his students. 

Although we couldn't account for why the 1st group's 1st speaker was MIA during the 1st period, our group went ahead to keep up with the schedule. I must apologise that we seem to be caught unprepared, as the fault is solely mine - my Apple products chose to leave me to my own device at such a crucial moment. Yet, I would like to thank you Sir for your generous advice, to access the file with USB drive instead, though it was to no avail too. After class, I'm reminded belatedly by a school friend, that the school has IT staff in every block to aid with any 'technical problems'. But, our allocated 30-minute ticked away mercilessly, w/o any regard for our plight, just as no time extension was offered, hence Ipost-mortemly decide that the aid is too many a step away.

(and I suspect Sir's patience is as limited as my suitors, ie. none)

Despite my carelessness, I try to take responsibility, however small. Sir, I've letted all my group-mates present before I do (didn't get to..), although I'm the designated 2nd speaker. Till now, I'm still editing the final presentation, making very minute changes before triple-checking again. All is done so as to share the oversized file over cloud with the whole class, and for your perusal.

Once again, I apologise for wrecking the otherwise fine presentation and thank you for your guidance.


Despite my childish rant above-mentioned, there are important lessons  that I take away and some things to be grateful for. *mumbles on...

In conclusion:
For you, Sir, it's not the process, it's the outcome that matters.
But for me, it's not my grades, it's the trust of my classmates that I value.

P.S. I did the work to the best of my ability, hopefully, he didn't regret trusting me with the presentation slides.  Although it would be totally understandable if he chose to avoid having me in his group at all costs. I just wanted to gain respect... I guess, not quite possible. *sigh