Sunday, January 1, 2012

pre(co)cious tears

L, you too. You are a very special daughter to mommy and I. You are always in our hearts. We are happy when you are. When you are down, we feel it too. The past is over, the future is where happiness is. Be strong, my dear. We love you always.


after reading that message, have cried first tears of 2012...

sometimes, it's the tears of joy. sometimes, we're moved to tears. whereas, sometimes we can't exactly tell why tears fall.. but this is one of those rare moments, when clarity hits me. I know why I cried.

I cried for the irony of it all- I couldn't have it all.

我漂蕩 在無邊的海洋
當觸碰 你晶瑩的淚光
有了一絲 一絲愁煩

我浮游 在無垠的雲端
忘不了 你飄渺的淚光
像露珠 透著無限光芒
像雪花 映照一聲輕嘆

你的眼淚 不懂滄桑
不懂世間 原本該什麼樣
可是冷暖 偷在你心中打轉
天上人間 都隨你蹙眉惆悵

你的眼淚 無邪明亮
若有天堂 一定是這模樣
只盼辛酸 莫叫你眼神變暗
就算疑惑 就算了然

我浮游 在無垠的雲端
忘不了 你飄渺的淚光
像露珠 藏起聚散飛翔
像雪花 帶著無奈飄降

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