Monday, December 19, 2011


when I was in kindergarten
bedtime routine was counting sheep 

(or was it peeing my pants?)
those fluffy ballerinas leapt
over the rainbow, one by one
and before I knew I was in lala-land
after thousands thousands of nights
who could have knownthe innocent lambs gave way to nightmares?
(and when the stress gets to you, it's okay to shit your pants)
the colours drained away
just as the mascara ran after each tear

more than an ocean away I lie on the bed I made
recounting the days reliving each story
which was the last smile 

that was truthfully meant for me?
dolce vita, the time spent had evaporated
condensing into a pool of 

whisky smashed after our last fight

day one, we met...
a tale about the beginning of the end
silently as the thief of night

this is an unsung song

till the very last day of Jan

...almost 500 days of summer.

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