Monday, December 27, 2010




不會向友人訴苦.. 自作孽不可活也。


Monday, November 29, 2010

the morning after

then i realised i don't belong to anywhere, or anyone.

Friday, October 22, 2010

a love that dares not speak its name

sleepless nights on replay
foolishly hankering for the past
yet another day
only the painful images stay

what could make it so strong
a longing that doesn't belong
the silent expectation that would sound a gong
or just more seduction served up in thongs

recycled confusion disregards sensation
have talks been disconnected
our hearts going through another round of dilution
or was it disillusion reenacted

i'm closing the doors
you don't have to crawl
this is a song no more
because my faith went out of stock

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


have you read tuedays with morrie?
have you met your morrie?

i've met mine.

...and i admire him, more than i should.
more than what i would dare to admit.

do you think my morrie know?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

for my funeral..

please play this song. thank you.

now let the day
just fade away
so the dark night
may watch over you

velvet blue silent true
it embraces your heart
and your soul

never cry never sigh
you don't have to wonder why
always be always see
come and dream the night with me

have no fear
when the night draws near
and fills you
with dreams and desire

like a child asleep
so warm so deep
you will find me there
waiting for you

we will fly claim the sky
we don't have to wonder why
always be always see
come and dream the night with me

though darkness lay
it will give away
when the dark night
delivers the day

the original version has only 24 words.

la dagen få
sin hvile nå
og natten vil våke for den

se mørket må
engang forgå
så natten kan føde en dag

directly translates to:
let the day take
its rest now
and the night will awaken/watch over it

behold, the darkness must
eventually cease
so the night can give birth to a day

Wednesday, April 7, 2010





记不记得那时说的话,慢慢的.. 都不是焦点。


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

never say never. idealising the him/her for us, we laughed when we looked at the one we now hold. couldn’t two seemingly different worlds collide? habits formed, secrets swapped, the dreamers just spiralled closer towards each other. old wounds, albeit almost healed, reminds, ”maybe this’s a game, a lie, another mistake that we made.” lucidity and emotions don’t co-exist, now i do feel silly. afraid of falling, of the pain and loss, i know everyone has to entertain these little voices whispering of those fears. still, i’ll stay; for the magic doesn’t lie with the three words but you.

Friday, January 29, 2010

"i think i need a new heart"

don't we all want a renewal, an exchange,
better still a refund for the damaged goods
(that fragile organ whose value is slashed again
and again in the bargain for love)

do you?

picture credits: timothy cook

she (part I)

13 Jan
drank, yet, was awfully sober; she kept her smile in place, (only if they knew this is the secret methodology of micro-managing her tears) then she dreamt a lil' dream of melons and cigarettes, scissors and happiness, coffee and yogurt, running and ...

... woke up from it all. mindful of the gin the tequila the beer the mess the clothes the stranger in bed who she couldn't recognize in the mirror
at first glance. "honey it's time to go.." began the silent monologue. awesome, she thought, knowing the routine too well. far too well by heart, she picked up the pieces after herself and left. she tried to pick up. or did she..

14 Jan
danced, with a fever. she wasn't ill; it was the light-headedness. she couldn't feel her feet, how could she? in that state of delirium, even a twisted ankle would be neglected. her partner's scorching touch had her anesthetized, and induced euphoria...

...her waist, the small of her back, and the under-curve of left breast where his finger last glided past, now all bore his brand- the subtly potent scent. his aftershave? perhaps, it was just the soap. vertigo, in the name of love, would it last, she wondered.