Tuesday, March 24, 2009

when i ought to shut up

"where's your brother.." he asked offhandedly while removing his shoes. there wasn't any acknowledgment to that question nor his existence, as i continued to stare blankly ahead. he glared as if to repeat his question more firmly. "he's dead." came the dead pan reply. immobilized for the moment, he was rendered speechless as that wasn't within his expected range of answers

"how could you say that of your brother?" he chided softly after regaining composure from that mild shock. i shrugged nonchalantly, although my insides were burning with fury at his son for some cause that i could no longer remember. he didn't pursue further and left me alone to deal with my dark mood.

i'm terribly childish.

end note: thank goodness he has a healthy heart, else such a daughter could have triggered countless of heart attacks.

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