Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hitchhiking- part I

1. in the nick of time
panic would be an inadequate word for that moment. the examination had commenced at 6pm sharp, and there i was at 6.04 flagging for a cab d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e-l-y and of course it was unsuccessful. (things always don't go your way when you're already having a shitty day.) after a twist of events that led to the traffic jam, and of all times, the rain had to join the fun to rub it in. what a cherry to top off my sundae.

that evening, there must be countless of drivers witnessing a lunatic weaving in and out of the traffic which moved like a snail at the rush hour, waving at cabs and cars. those bastards safely secured in their cars smirked, ignored her and drove off once the strings of vehicles picked up speed. it was mad. MADDENING. those cabs which were hired, fine, no grudges held against you. but how do you explain EMPTY cabs that didn't have On-call signs on? they simply zoomed past, turning a blind eye to the frantic woman and through their rear view mirrors they could lip read those standard expletives off her lips. this was one instance that i wished my level of profanity was on par with han.

almost giving up hope, i spotted a malay uncle beside a stationary bike, towel-drying his helmet by the prata shop. it was 6.10 by then. i ran towards my last chance.

'can.. can.. i ask for a ride on your bike to school?' *out of breath
'..huh? school.. where?' *surprised
'temasek polytechnic.. i'm late for exam and there's simply no cab available. i've to wait for 10minutes even if i call for 1.. please help me...' *the teary look that Puss used on Shrek
'......okay. i trust you girl, bring back to here after your exam alright?' *handling the keys over
'NO.. uncle, i don't mean it to borrow your bike, i can't ride.. can.. you send me there?'
'hmmmm.. okay..' *stunned

it was six-TWENTY!! omg. it was only an hour duration for the paper. -__-
while the bike was still acting on inertia to stop, itookoffthehelmetjumpedoffhisbikethankingtheuncleprofuselywhilememorisinghiscontactnumberandhurdlingupthestairs(yes,hurdling,thestairssurelookslikeobstacles!)andsprinting towardstheLT. just like that whole sentence without punctuation or space, i did that whole chain of actions with a breath, just like a scene out from an action-packed movie.

a movie named 'duckling's series of unfortunate events'.

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