Friday, January 16, 2009

soundbite of a quick dinner

over a plate of Aglio Olio and a cup of fantastic tomato soup at The Garden Slug, i was quite resolute to make small talk with him, a best friend (an Otaku?) who gives short replies when prompted. after filling him in on my recent movements, random chit-chat ensued; but more of me talking like a host on the radio station and him being the listener tuning in.

'actually, everyone's a little racist, don't you think so?'
(a case of prompting him to talk.. and too much Avenue Q)
'umm..' came the reply. not giving up, i asked a multiple-choice,
'so on the scale of 1 to 10, how racist are you? 1 being a lil' 10 being the extreme..'

then, this is classic-

'0. i'm not a racist.'
'ya, true. you're a hypocrite.'
'oops, that's right..'

take that from a Japanese-Chinese boy. -__-

Friday, January 9, 2009

it melts my heart

i've been waiting for his personal time to come
impatiently since the very second we left Tekong.

finally, at 9.30pm sharp i sent:

'though you may not agree.. or feel it..
-__- but i do, love you very much...
take good care of yourself.. (:

his reply came promptly:
hey thanks. ha i will miss you too. :)

that's the sweetest sentence for 2009
i can conclude with certainty. no qualms.
(yeah, even if it's barely 10 days of this year..)
given his natural inability to express affection,
i shouldn't push my luck.
*contented X)