Saturday, August 30, 2008

today is forever?

complete this sentence, will you?

if everything that ever happened to me is just my imagination, ______________________________.


......, then why does it feel so real and raw?


i remembered being totally captivated by "abre los ojos" (open your eyes) a Spanish film when i watched it last year. not exactly a Sci-Fi chick (hm, i ought to use duckling) as i channel-hopped, i didn't know a boring night at home would turn out engaging.

[this post supposed to be a quick one as i simply.. wanted to organize some thoughts, put them into words before they escaped me again. yet, in the end I spent hour after hour reading on its movie reviews and other subjects linked like Vanilla Sky, Lucid Dream, Tesis, Alejandro Amenábar, Ubik, Cryonics, just to name a few.]

derived from the Greek word κρύος (kryos), meaning cold. is the low-temperature preservation of humans and other animals that can no longer be sustained by contemporary medicine until resuscitation may be possible in the future. Human cryopreservation is not currently reversible. In the United States, cryonics can only be legally performed on humans after pronounced legally dead. The rationale for cryonics is that the process may be reversible in the future if performed soon enough, and that cryopreserved people are not dead by the modern information-theoretic definition of death.
-quoted from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

what a tempting idea to live on and on.. till eons later. to be an immortal, (be it aging or not) life will no longer be a cycle. it will become like the thread of infinite number (not a 'real' number) that goes on without an end. not taking into consideration of the resources to support the never-ending lifeforms (I'm not even sure could I still view them as humans, or as.. the undead? LOL! living on forever may be a nightmare), if it's highly exclusive, not everyone can afford this technology, who gives who the right to be the selected ones? by social class? by caste? it's almost like playing God, won't it be so?

the value of human life?
would no longer be like what the MasterCard ad says- Priceless.

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